Colombian 12-year-old junior rider sits in with Rigoberto Urán, Tom Dumoulin, Laurens ten Dam

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At the risk of repeating myself, what is it with 12-year-old bike racers these days? Xander Graham came first, in this video from the 2021 Tour of Britain. It was a heart-warming scene that quickly went viral in the cycling world. Maybe it was the symbolic passing of the bidon, but later that year, young Graham went on to become the under-14 Scottish cyclocross champion.

And now, while 2022 is still in early training, another as-yet-unnamed 12-year-old cyclist is going viral for this video of him keeping up the likes of Rigoberto Urán, Tom Dumoulin, and Laurens ten Dam on a training ride in Colombia.

I love the Xander Graham story—and the awesome commentary in the video—but in many respects this young Colombian junior’s feat is even more impressive. His commentary is supplied by Laurens ten Dam and Rigoberto Urán—and he kept up with them for 15 kilometres!

Who knows what heights await these young riders?

Category: Kids, Road

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