Escape – Lee Craigie (short version)

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Professional Scottish mountain biker and Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist Lee Craigie left the sport of cycling behind to concentrate on the healing aspects of cycling that drew her to it in the first place. Now, as she says in the long version of this video, “A ride these days has to have an element of adventure and exploration to it.” Her recreational cycling is pretty ambitious, mostly long distance bike-packing but she also has time to help others, especially women, discover the emotional benefits of cycling through organizations she has initiated like Cycletherapy and The Adventure Syndicate.

“It’s so easy to forget that the simple action of riding a bike in the fresh air can make you feel better about almost anything—at least temporarily—and that’s something I want for everyone.”

This two minute message resonates strongly. Lee draws out the story in the long version of this video, which is worth watching if only for the five solid minutes of amazing Scottish scenery.


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