Nigel Sylvester – GO! New York City

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This is the first instalment of Pro BMX rider Nigel Sylvester’s video series, GO! It’s probably the best of the lot, which has since expanded to Los Angeles, Tokyo and Dubai. What makes it the best? It might be what one Youtube commentator said, “This editing is dope.”

Maybe. The editing is definitely dope. But the quick cut visuals and noise-cancelling earbud audio are the trademark of the whole series. What makes the first one the best one is the co-star—New York City. Nigel’s on home turf and though he is cool enough to fit right in when he drops in to Dubai or Tokyo, this happy rogue really shines in the Big Apple.

It ends with Nigel jumping in a helicopter. Where is he going to GO! next? We don’t know but we’re definitely along for the ride now. Fun series, fun rider. Director Harrison Boyce has a distinct style that is somehow jarring and inviting at the same time and Nigel Sylvester is a talented and charming rider. The combination works—especially in New York City.


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