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Kriss Kyle is a Red Bull-sponsored young Scot with mad riding skills, so maybe I shouldn’t be surprised how much his new video feels like a BMX version of Danny MacAskill’s Imaginate. Lots of bright colours and black backgrounds. (Admittedly, this video’s healthy dose of OK Go-style optical illusions adds a lot to that mix.) It even finishes with a montage of outtakes and crashes, like Imaginate does.

So maybe Danny did it first but did he do it better? If the 80s-inspired music (appropriate as it is) of Imaginate sounds like fingernails on a blackboard to you, maybe the cooler sounds of Portugal. The Man will tip the balance in Kriss’ favour. Or maybe you just have kaleidoscope eyes. Me, I’m still picking Danny’s as the best video of the two but they’re both pretty likeable.

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