Passo Gavia Superhero excerpt video

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The full 16 minute version of this video is already on VeloVID. It’s pretty popular and the Col Collective makes some great road cycling videos but even I wondered if it isn’t a bit long for all but the most rabid cycling video fanatics. It has some great music in it however, including the song featured here: Superhero by Tim McMorris. I loved it so much I went and purchased it on iTunes. (That’s not the first time that’s happened. I loved and downloaded tracks from some of Danny MacAskill’s earlier videos too.)

Then I realized the segment of the full-length video that Superhero covered was pretty riveting and could stand as a video on its own. And it would be just the right length for a post-MTV world.

So credit where credit is due. This video is all about the Col Collective and Tim McMorris. All I did was open Premiere, edit and hit save. The Col Collective makes awesome videos and I’m the kind of fan who will watch them start to finish and then maybe watch again. Tim McMorris makes great music and has another track featured in the full length video if you check it out.


Category: Road

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