Cheap eBay Bikes – Which Is Best?

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Bless their souls, the Global Cycling Network (GCN), out of the U.K., produces a ton of videos but most of them fall into the geeky watt-counting category I don’t find particularly interesting. Col Collective is my choice for good roadie videos. But this one is actually a lot of fun—funny even! I think the appeal for me is how slavishly it follows the script popularized by Jeremy Clarkson, et. al. on the dearly departed British ‘motoring’ show Top Gear.

On that show, our ‘presenters’ were often saddled with a task involving purchasing a used car at some very low price to engage in a series of challenges that practically guaranteed hilarity. GCN has copied and pasted that strategy onto their cycling world and the results are pretty entertaining.

And, as far as I know, no crew members were assaulted doing so. Jolly good.


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