The Ridge

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With almost 40 million views on YouTube, this is probably the video Danny MacAskill is best known for. Imaginate actually has more YouTube views but The Ridge really went viral when it came out. It made it into a lot of mainstream media because it actually lives up to the hyperbole that usually defines click bait. With Danny’s riding, it’s almost always a case of “You won’t believe what happens next…”  but his best videos are so much more than that. Like this one—beautifully shot and edited with astounding Skye scenery.

Danny’s on a mountain bike this time and it’s no wonder, given the rugged terrain. In one of the most epic scenes he’s ever done he’s not even on the bike, as he carries it to the peak of Cuillin Ridge for an unforgettable aerial shot. Another of my favourite moments is the opening as he rows ashore with his bike.

But when he does ride his mountain bike, he’s as good as he is on a street trials bike, which is maybe the best in the world. The final scene is one of his best tricks ever. Like many of his videos this one shows the final trick a few times over from different points of view and each time you can’t help but wonder if your eyes really saw what you thought they saw.

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