Thank You, Bicycle

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This is what unites the tribes. It’s what the roadies, the mountain bikers, the commuters and the randonneurs all have in common—our gratitude for where bikes take us, mentally and physically. How, as a metaphor for life itself, a simple bike ride can teach us important lessons.

This is a mountain bike video so there’s plenty of great action but what really distinguishes it is Lars Veenstra’s narration—his short sonnet of love and gratitude for the bicycle. Thanks Lars, for reminding us all.


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  • Randy Albon

    Our Bicycles do indeed bring so many wonderful friends and experiences into our lives. Thanks, Bike! I love you

  • VeloVID

    You’re full of the love tonight Randy! Thanks for your comments. You’re officially the first to comment on VeloVID, I hope others take your lead.

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