Cycling the Highest Road in the World

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“If I could take one thing away from this trip, it would be that oxygen is seriously underrated.” I’m sure on a trip as epic as this there were a lot more profound takeaways than that but, given that this trip in May, 2015 took these two riders over the two highest passes in the world, including Khardung la at 18,380 feet, it’s easy to understand the sentiment.

This video captures the rush of bike travel—from the arrival at a foreign airport hoping your bike made it in one piece, to the trucks, animals and rocky roads that make up the obstacles on your journey, to the kindness of strangers that bike travellers always seem to receive. Many prefer a dedicated touring bike but mountain bikes make great travel bikes when the roads are suspect or occasionally non-existent. Besides, these are the Himalayas. You don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

This video is from North South. They “create and share content that aims to inspire others to explore this amazing planet on two wheels”. Their website has several great bike travel videos, each with it’s own comprehensive blog page. Read all about this trip at


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