Way Back Home

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This is the bike video that started it all for me. As I write this, it’s exactly five years to the day since this video went up on YouTube. Since then more than 36 million viewers like me have gaped, open-mouthed, at the astounding, sense-defying riding of Danny MacAskill as he makes his ‘way back home’ from Edinburgh to Skye.

That Danny is an amazing rider is beyond doubt. But the real strength of his videos goes beyond the riding. They are all minor works of short filmmaking art in their own right. From the clever back story of Imaginate to the starkness of Epecuén, they all go beyond mere excellence into true artistry, much like Danny’s riding.

Maybe it’s because Way Back Home was my first introduction to Danny MacAskill, or maybe it’s the stunning Scottish scenery or the fact that I loved the two songs so much they’re still in active rotation on my sound system, but I think this is the best of the lot. And the riding is really, really mind-blowing.

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