ELF solar car-bike

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I favour shorter videos on VeloVID. In fact, I’ve already posted a short video about the ELF that nicely captures what a charming ride it is.

This is the long story. I found myself so fascinated by this e-trike that this 20+ minute mini-documentary didn’t tax my patience at all. Even if it is not as charming as the shorter video. Founder Rob Cotter worked for Porsche in California and left it all behind to pursue his passion for human-powered vehicles. It took a long time for his vision to come to fruition—and for the world to catch up with it—but that’s reflected in the maturity of the technology behind the ELF. Everything from aluminum crumple zones in the frame to custom electronics and solar panels goes into making this astounding efficient 160 pound urban assault vehicle like nothing else out there.


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