The Way I Roll – Nicole Duke

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Another in the The Way I Roll series, supporting Pedals 4 Progress, from rack maker Thule that introduces us to the back stories of people in cycling. I’d never heard of Nicole Duke before this video and now I feel I know her somehow.

That’s the strength of this series really—it taps into the common collective consciousness all cyclists seem to share. When she talks about the first bike she bought, sleeping with it in her bedroom, not being able to stop looking at it, she’s telling a story we all know a variation of. And those young guys with no tube and no more patches—another story we all know.

I’ve tagged it ‘women’. It seems wrong that that should somehow distinguish a video but women are still under-represented in cycling so until they’re not, this is notable for being a cycling video about a woman. A woman riding a cyclocross bike. Talk about under-represented.


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