Still Lost in Peru

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“That’s definitely not the only issue we have. We got a lot of issues.”

Aaron Chase amps up the group dynamics on this follow-up trip to Peru and the result is a more engaging video. Even if you’re just looking for gnarly riding I think this has more than Lost In Peru did. (It finishes with a 100 rider downhill from 14,000 feet.)

But it has more than that. Katie Holden is a good testosterone antidote to “dog-off-a-chain” Chris Van Dine and everyone gets a bit humbled by ancient Incan ruins. The music is good and the love for Peru and its people shines through.

In an way, Lost in Peru and Still Lost in Peru are like the GoPros they’re shot with. The GoPro point of view can feel claustrophobic and inward-looking when you’re looking right in front of you but it opens up and takes in the whole world when you lift up your head. Still Lost in Peru lifts its head. A good strategy if you’re lost.

An early scene with the kids of Alpamayo is sweet and I’d like to recommend this one for kids but there’s plenty of the f-word later in the video so, your call, moms and dads.



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