Blood Road

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This trailer for Rebecca Rusch’s recently released feature, Blood Road, is powerful and dramatic. Rusch is one of toughest endurance riders in the world and the task she sets for herself—to bike the 1,900 km Ho Chi Mihn Trail in search of the 40-year-old wreckage of her father’s plane—is perhaps the most challenging she’s ever taken on. She does the journey with an equally formidable Vietnamese woman, Huyen Nguyen. Both women confront the ways in which the Vietnam War directed their lives and, ultimately, brought them together.

This compelling story is directed by Nicholas Schrunk, creative director at Red Bull Media House and, as you can see in this trailer, Rusch and Nguyen could have a pretty successful action film career together. It’s surprising and refreshing to see a pair of real-life bad-ass women cyclists getting the Hollywood treatment. But then Hollywood knows a great story when it sees one.

And that’s what a journey down the Blood Road is. More than just an epic ride, it’s an epic story.

Update: On October 3, 2018 Blood Road won an Emmy for Outstanding Graphic Design and Art Direction.


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