Nijmegen: The City That Tamed Cars

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If you’re chosen as the Best Cycling City in The Netherlands*, it’s a pretty safe bet you’re also the best cycling city in the world. That’s the case in Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands, population 180,000 and proud as all get out about their transition to a cycling/pedestrian paradise over the last 40 years. Rightfully so. This video is bears witness to a human-centred utopia in action.

Take a few minutes to visit this Dutch cycling nirvana. It’s not a short video but as documentaries go, it’s just about the right length. It’s from, a non-profit that “produces short films showing how smart transportation design and policy can result in better places to live, work and play.” If you want to continue your journey, check out their short doc on the Arnhem-Nijmegen Cycle Superhighway.

* Nijmegen was voted Best Cycling City in The Netherlands by Fietsersbond, the Dutch Cyclist’ Union.


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