The Pro’s Closet Museum Series #14: Missy Giove

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I’m posting this as part of a mini-overview of the bad boys and girls of cycling, starting with Josh Bender representing freeriders and Lucas Brunelle representing bike messengers and other urban cowboys (and cowgirls) but Missy Giove is probably the baddest of them all. How else do you characterize someone who raced with a dead piranha around her neck, got busted transporting almost 400 pounds of California green to the east coast and conducts the entire interview in this video with a bottle of Red Stripe in her hand? Either bad-ass or simply bad—there’s no other way to describe “The Missile”.

Missy drops F-bombs as naturally as breathing so be careful who’s listening in when you watch this but it’s as good a back story on cycling’s ultimate bad gurrl as there is out there. Worth a watch.


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