How A Bicycle Is Made (1945)

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“I could go miles and miles on one of these father”. This 1945 film, from the British Council, explains how bicycles were built in that era, most likely at a Raleigh factory. (It’s oh so British). Although the bicycle hasn’t changed much over the decades, I’m sure the manufacturing process has. It’s unlikely one factory would be making so many components from scratch—everything from tubing to chainrings. So this video is a nostalgia exercise, mainly of interest to cycling history buffs.

For others, it is simply an exercise in boredom that will remind them too much of those droning documentaries we used to have to watch in history class. If that’s the case for you, just do what you used to do in history class, put your head on your desk and have a nice snooze. Don’t worry, this won’t be on the exam.


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