Danny MacAskill – The Slabs

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In some ways, this is more terrifying than any of Danny MacAskill’s other videos, even if it isn’t credits-to-credits amazing stunt riding. It’s a long, treacherous downhill that Danny treats tactically—and his rush at completing it is as much a release for us as it was for him. In that way, the vibe is more Free Solo than Way Back Home. And, while the Dubh Slabs may not be El Capitan, descending them on a mountain bike is just about as extreme as free soloing in Yosemite. It’s no wonder the video begins with Danny taking about how he had become inspired by rock climbers and their cliff routes. His street trials riding has always been based on the same kind of planning and precision so this seems a natural progression. Much like The Ridge.

Likewise, The Slabs is also stunningly beautiful to watch—maybe even more than The Ridge. The Isle of Skye doesn’t need much help to look impressive but the filming is excellent and the scenery breathtaking.

My only disappointment—and I know I’m going to earn a lot of scorn here— is I don’t love the Arcade Fire soundtrack. I’ve been turned onto some great music through Danny’s videos, but this didn’t do it for me.

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