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This video puts a smile on your face that gets wider and wider till you can’t help but laugh at some point. Which is exactly how this little girl reacts. What a great idea Dad had.

The video playing in Dad’s virtual reality machine is one of Claudio Caluori’s riotous narrated downhill runs, which are pretty popular on YouTube. But this home-made video has well over a million views on Facebook, prompting this comment from Claudio: “This must be my most watched GoPro run then, hahaha. I hope the kid enjoyed it!” (Say it in a voice like Claudio’s for full effect.)

I love the squeaky toy and massive helmet and admire Dad’s enthusiasm. I’m sure it isn’t, but even if this were just his way of training his forearms for the rigours of downhill mountain biking, he’d still be Dad of the Month.


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