Fat Bike Birkie 2018 – Cole House Finish

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This video is interesting for a couple of reasons. It’s the first 360° video on VeloVID. Using your mouse, you can control the camera angle you see—even turning around 180° to look at racer Cole House as he sprints for the last podium spot at the 2018 Fat Bike Birkie, an annual fat bike race held in Cable, Wisconsin. Two minutes is not so long you get bored with the 360° novelty and the ending is pretty thrilling. So the 360° stuff is pretty cool.

Spoiler Alert: Cole House wins this sprint for third. That’s out of 800 riders. He’s an experienced road racer and the winner averaged over 30 km per hour. One of the cool details of the 360° view is that, when looking pretty much dead ahead, as House would be, you get a live readout of his speed. Passing his competitors, House hits 30 miles per hour (50 km per hour)—on a fat bike! For me, that was the second amazing revelation in this video—in some ways, it’s more mind-blowing than a 360° camera with live data display—fat bikes are fast bikes!

This video, like something out of the future, comes from Trail Genius. They’re worth checking out.


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