If I Ride (2010)

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Shed The Monster, from PeopleForBikes.org, was one of the first videos posted to VeloVID and it remains one of my favourites. But I hadn’t looked at their video library much beyond that. If I Ride is a lovely, slightly pollyanna-ish love poem to the bicycle from a kid’s point of view. Interestingly, they re-released this video in 2019 as a 30 second spot and all the anti-oil industry content and other ‘green’ references were dropped completely.

Sad. What America has become under Trump. In fairness to PeopleForBikes.org, they just want to get their message about cycling out to an increasingly obese, car-dependent populace and they don’t want to alienate them with ‘radical’ politics. Fortunately, they still tackle tough issues.



Category: Advocacy, Kids, Urban

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