Col du Sanetsch (Sion)

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The Col Collective is at it again. This time climbing a little know col in Switzerland— the 2,253m high Col du Sanetsch in Valais. With local expert Alain Rumpf, Col Collective host Mike Cotty narrates this 33km ride while the camera cuts from nice shots of the riders to astounding shots of the scenery.

Most of the Col Collectives videos are climbs, which maybe lack the excitement of their descents (like the descent of Passo Gavia), but resonant nonetheless because they are so beautifully filmed and scored. Cotty is personable enough and the sheer joy of riding stunning climbs like this is apparent in both riders, even if it is a bit irritating to mere mortals how they can chatter on while climbing for 30 kilometres without getting a bit more breathless. But it’s the ability of the Col Collective’s videos to engage mere mortals—and not only gearhead roadies—that separates their videos from the vast majority of road bike videos out there.

But of course they also offer plenty of treats for bike geeks, including stats on every col. Here are the stats for the Col du Sanetsch:
Length: 33km
Summit: 2,253m
Elevation gain: 1,745m
Average gradient: 6%
Max gradient: 16%


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