The Way I Roll – Chris Van Dine

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My introduction to Chris Van Dine was GoPro’s 2013 Combing Valparaiso’s Hills, an adrenalin and testosterone-powered tear through the steep streets of the Peruvian mountain town. As I’ve confessed, I absolutely love the video, even if the riding is a bit reckless. And I was intrigued by C.V.D.—he was fluent in Spanish and seemed to have a level of respect for the people whose streets he was rampaging through. I thought “there’s a story behind this guy.”

This video, part of a series rack maker Thule has produced introducing the people behind the personalities in the cycling world, lets him tell that story and it reveals an interesting character with strong connections
to Latin America. The video is nicely shot and has some good riding but it’s mainly a short testament to the Guatemalan community Chris Van Dine has embraced, and been embraced by—even if he rides like the town yahoo sometimes.


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