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This is unfortunate, is what this is. Not as unfortunate as Danny MacAskill at the Playboy Mansion, but really pretty unfortunate. Especially because Danny MacAskill produced, and seems pretty chuffed by, this not very clever Spinal Tap-ish parody. I dunno, Judas Priest’s Rob Halford calls it “a load of crap” in the mock news part of this video, and I’m thinking “Ouch, too true…”

Danny MacAskill’s riding has found an almost poetic expression in shorts like Way Back Home and Industrial Revolutions, but the creative team doesn’t deliver much in the way of poetry this time. To be fair, that doesn’t even seem to be the intention.

I’d say it’s for the fans only but the riding (and the Heavy Metal) isn’t that great, so I’m not sure who this is for.


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Category: Street Trials

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