Industrial Revolutions

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After discovering Danny MacAskill through his phenomenally popular 2010 short film, Way Back Home, I went searching for more. Industrial Revolutions came out in 2011 and, though it’s Stu Thompson, not Dave Sowerby and Channel Four, not Red Bull, this video is also a cut above the rest.

The abandoned iron works is a striking back drop and, once again, the music is great (Ben Howard’s ‘The Wolves’) but the real strength of both is how they stay in the background and allow the focus to be on Danny’s riding. It’s daring, fearless, joyous riding and, as might be expected, some of the tricks are amazing. Riding a train rail and then leaping 180 degrees to ride the opposite rail in the opposite direction still seems impossible every time I watch him do it.

Way Back Home is a tough to top and Industrial Revolutions doesn’t top it—maybe it’s not even trying to. It’s less introducing Danny MacAskill to the world and more just Danny riding and having fun, with a great song to boot.

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